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Tellico Village Clubs, Activities & Support Groups Directory

Whether your special interest is riding your Harley motorcycle on “The Dragon” or discussing the latest novel at the book club, or sharing at the many support groups… it’s all here in Tellico Village. It’s easy to meet new friends and get involved in the local Tellico Village community!

Aerobics Wellness Center 458-7070

Al-Anon TVCC 458-1516

Alcoholics Anonymous TVCC 458-1516

Alzheimer’s Support Group Judy Stiles 458-0878

American Legion Post 256 – Tellico Lake Rich Gruber 865-271-8610

American Wine Society Al Porell 458-8643

Arm Chair Travel Bill Jochem 458-5531

Art Guild of Tellico Village Kathy Fisher 657-9062

Badminton Gus Noble 408-1183

Badminton Keith Comly 458-0775

Basketball Rec Center 458-6779

Basketball Open Play Rec Center 458-6779

BCAAT (Breath Clean Air Action Team) Mike Crosby 408-0316

Beta Sigma Phi Anita Foley 458-6879

Bible Study Co-ed) Larry & Geri Denney 408-9725

Bible Study omen Jo Bishop 458-3532

Bible Study omen Karen Hardesty 458-8076

Bird Houses Jim Crotteau 458-0463

Bluegrass Music Andy Hadjian 657-9465

Blood Pressure Rec. Dept. 458-6779

Book Club Sandy Vanderipe 458-7933

Bowling Ken ofink 458-3225

Bridge ContracVWednesday Richard Hogan 408-9274

Bridge Couples Party Linda Roberts 458-1034

Bridge Duplicate Gus Noble 408-1183

Bridge Duplicate/Friday Pat Bolz 865-387-8000

Bridge: Ladies Duplicate Linda Roberts 458-1034

Bridge: Open Richard Hogan 408-9274

Cancer Support Group M) Morry Smith 458-1219

Cancer Support Group W Jody Zaar 458-0110

Cancer Support Group ‘W’ Maryanne Friend 458-0109

Caring Committee Barb Tunnacliffe 458-8566

Caring Committee Barbara Boyer 458-2146

Christian Women’s Club Sandy Ball 458-7142

Chrysler Retirees Club Jean Reich 458-9782

Community Clowns Hellen Cooke 458-2927

Community Church Crafters Kathy Blevins 408-3124

Community Concerts Nancy Swartwout 408-1127

Community Tellico Village TV – Ch 3 Howard Jones 458-9144

Computer Learning Classes Jim Peterson 458-1603

Computer Users Club Warren Sanders 408-0304

Connecticut Club Jim Baughman 408-3060

Cycling Corky Freeman 458-0082

Dancing Ballroom Ron Moore 458-3758

Dancing Clogging Mary Ann Ruppert 458-1274

Dancing Lessons Cynthia Hughett 458-2331

Dancing Line Dance Basic Kathy Stevens 458-1817

Dancing: Line Dancing Toni Grovier 458-0987

Dancing: Square Dancing Billy Ray & Sinda Daugherty 458-6578

Dancing: Tap Marilynn McKenna 458-6997

Day Trippers Laune Breen 458-4090

Deep Water Wellness Center 458-7070

Digital Photography SIG Jim Noonan 458-9940

Dock Captains Dan Cowser 408-0693

Dog Owners Group (D.O.G.) Martha Mathews 458-5778

Early Bird Exercise Rec Dept. 458-6779

Equipment-Medical & Child Doris Smith 458-2425

Equipment-Medical & Child Sue Brown 458-1814

Euchre Club Edward Petitjean 408-0284

Fit & Tone Wellness Center 458-7070

Ford Club Jerry Mauch 458-0115

Friends of the Library Randy Lash 458-8026

Garden Club Susan Miller 458-6996

Genealogy Don Stieghan 458-2142

Genealogy SIG Don Stieghan 458-2142

General Motors Club Ron Stanley 423-884-2594

Girl Scout Alumni Gail Yook 408-2591

Grief Support Group Stu Thom 458-1533

Hand & Foot Cards Marilyn Allbritten 458-0882

Hikes Ron & Peggy Bastien 458-9135

Hobby Fair Rec Dept. 458-6779

Home Owners Association Rich Planzo 458-4103

Hot Notes Nick Azelborn 408-9016

Illinois Club Lynn & BJ Brinkley 408-1499

Instrumental Music Caaj Greebe 458-3476

Kahite Art Workshop Steve Curran 423-884-3852

Kahite Bridge Linda Ledbetter 423-884-3097

Kahite First Responders Berry Clark 423-884-2615

Kahite Fit & Tone Kahrte Activitiy Center 423-884-6353

Kahite Game Night Kahite Activity Center 423-884-6353

Kahite Pilates Kahite Activitiy Center 423-884-6353

Kahite Saturday Coffee Kahite Activitiy Center 423-884-6353

Kahite Water Exercise Kahite Activitiy Center 423-884-6353

Kahite Weight Watchers Peggy Rapp 423-884-3891

Kahite Yoga Kahrte Activitiy Center 423-884-6353

Kickboxing Wellness Center 458-7070

Kiwanis Club Wayne Zarnecki 458-3878

Knitters & Crochet Ruth Phillips 458-1340

Lady Linksters Golf Melanie Wilson 408-0514

Lady Linksters Golf Joanne Martin 408-1426

Lady Linksters Golf Mary Ann Ellis 423-884-6212

Lake Events/Activities Rec Center 458-6779

LGA 18-Hole Bonnie Wood 423-884-7277

LGA 9-Hole Linda Roberts 458-1034

Library Becky Haile 458-8762

Lion’s Club Chuck Bailey 458-3088

Little Michigan Tennessee Club Jack Hensley 408-9909

Little T Squares Ray Schuller 458-1370

Loudon County Music Scholarship Donna Compton 458-8877

Loudon TN Area Womens Connection Sandy Ball 458-7142

Mac Users Group Jan Miller 458-0658

Mahjongg Carolyn Neely 458-1325

Mahjongg Marilyn Bavougian 423-884-3600

Medical Transportation Fay Robb 458-2552

Men’s Cancer Survivor Support Group Morry Smith 458-1219

Men’s Golf Association Tanasi Pro Shop 458-4707

Men’s Interval Training Water Class Wellness Center 458-7070

Men’s Prayer Breakfast Larry Denney 408-9725

Michigan Club Jack Hensley 408-9909

Model Sailing Club Dick Hinze 458-1946

Monday Painters Frank Gaydos 657-9129

Monday Painters Sandy McLaughlin 458-9390

Mountain Echoes Dulcimer Club Donna Hitchins 408-1687

Needlepoint Karen Stow 458-1655

Neighborhood Watch Jim Caygill 408-9662

New Villagers Club Bill Hartman 458-6022

New York Staters Fred Gibson 458-0851

Nutbucket Band Helen Cooke 458-2927

Ohio Group Carol Barbe 458-4164

Optimist Club Louis Cartwright 966-1544

PACE (People w/Arthritis Can Exercise) Alicia Van Hull 458-6779

Panhel Group Bev Kellogg 458-9400

Panhel Group Marce Stnckland 458-8038

Parkinson’s Support Group Sally Koch 458-4487

Pickleball Mike Mitchell 458-8969

Pilates Wellness Center 458-7070

Pinochle Dorly Bertoli 408-1510

Pinochle Lessons Babs Mayberry 458-9619

PiYo Wellness Center 458-7070

POA 101 Patty Robichaud 458-5408 x4115

POA Board Meetings/Workshops Bob Coates 408-9027

Polish Heritage Club Dick Kolasheski 458-3482

Pontoon Picnics Rich & Bev Sikorski 458-4135

Racquetball Chota Rec Center 458-6779

Racquetball Int. Open Play Don Littrell 458-6331

Racquetball, Beginning Sue Littrell 458-6331

Recreation Committee Wellness Center 458-7070

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Support Group..Suzy Holcomb 657-9052

Retired Career Military Wayne De Lawter 408-0171

Retired Educators Club Al Shinn 458-1437

Retired United Airlines Jerry Barr 458-0815

Rorary Club of Tellico Lake Jo Brewster 389-0257

Rubber Stamp Art Carol Stieghan 458-2142

Rummikub Couples Sheila Tew 408-3119

Scrapbook Group Donna Kessing 458-4728

Senior Golf Association Dan Sprich 458-1535

Sequoyah Museum Bruce Rein 458-1682

Sequoyah Museum Mary Cushman 458-9773

Softball Mick Sorrell 292-8795

Soggy Bottom Kayakers Rupert Cooke 458-2927

Solo Singles Jan Bums 458-6673

Southern Comfort Barb Gaydos 458-6921

Spiritual/Metaphysical Video Club Carolyn McKinnon 458-9068

Stability Ball Wellness Center 458-7070

Stained Glass Guild Lloyd Donnelly 458-4194

Step Aerobics Wellness Center 458-7070

Swim Lessons/Team Alicia Williamson 458-6779

Tai Chi Nancy Currence 408-9057

T-BART – Tellico Lake Boating Assistance Response Loudon Co. Dispatch 986-9081

T-BART – General Information Bruce Rein 458-1682

Tellico Aviation Club International Geri Denney 408-9725

Tellico Cruising Club Dan Diggs 458-2708

Tellico Rushing Club Ed Ziobro 408-9195

Tellico Lake Tennis Association (TLTA) Lynn Brinkley 408-1499

Tellico Riders Motorcycle Club Warren Parthen 458-1874

Tellico Road Runners (RV Club) Donn Hill 408-0402

Tellico Shiners Gene Wessel 458-1251

Tellico Top Notes Nick Azelbom 408-9016

Tellico Village Catholic Women’s Club Bette Purvis 458-8070

Tellico Village GFWC Women’s Club Marilyn Peterson 458-4062

Tellico Village Kahite Womens Organization Christie Pruski 423-884-3082

Tennis Association Lynn Brinkley 408-1499

Tennis Committee Wellness Center 458-7070

Tennis Lessons/Clinics Fred Bonney 458-2589

Thyme for Herbs Mary Gamer 408-0337

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Mane Decess 458-3703

Townhouse Association Gil Volk 408-9900

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Don Edmands 423-884-3806

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Jim Vreeland 458-3141

U.S. Power Squadron Bob Bray 408-9229

Village Players Bill Bruggen 458-0146

Village Quitters Miss Barber 408-9539

Village Vettes – Corvette Owners Club Gary Jutze 458-6895

Vintage Vehicles Club Willard Doolittle 586-337-0073

Volunteer Clowns Of Tellico Helen Cooke 458-2927

Volunteer Fire Department Henry Cullen 408-0256

Walk & Talk Mary Ann Pisano 458-6380

Walk Trail Coordinator Rec Dept. 458-6779

Walk/Talk Mary Anne Pisano 458-6380

Wallyball Barb Iskander 458-0885

Wallyball Barbara Iskander 458-0885

Water (Aqua) Toning Rec. Dept. 458-6779

WATER (Watershed Association of the Tellico Bill LeNoir 458-4669

Water Aerobics Wellness Center 458-7070

Water Arthritis Wellness Center 458-7070

Water Exercise Wellness Center 458-7070

Water Walking Wellness Center 458-7070

Water Yoga Wellness Center 458-7070

Weight Watchers Rec. Dept. 458-6779

Welcome Coffee (HOA) Nancy Eident 408-0138

Woodworkers Club Bill McKee! 408-9379

Yoga Wellness Center 458-7070

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